Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner - 32oz Concentrate

Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner - 32oz Concentrate

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Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner is a 100% Organic cleaner that uses only naturally derived ingredients to clean your pet door. It is Non-Toxic, animal Cruelty-Free, and guaranteed to naturally break down the dirt and grime build-up on your pet door. This pet door cleaning solution is sure to clean even the toughest pet door messes! 

Almost every household cleaning product you own contains chemicals that "cut" through oil and dry out surfaces. If used on your pet door, these household cleaners can cause flaps to dry out and begin sticking and not functioning properly (most pet door flaps contain a natural oil that you want to preserve and not eliminate). Can also cause the frame surface and weather stripping to become brittle and to begin thinning.

Who doesn't want to clean the dog door flap? Cleaning the dog door flap should be as frequent as cleaning the windows in your home. This All Organic Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner is sure to clean up any dirt, mud or grime built up on the dog door over time. All components are naturally sourced and certified organic. Don't waste time and money with harsh dog door cleaning solutions that could leave stains, cloudy flaps or cause degradation of the flap. 

Green Paw Pet Door Cleaner:
- 100% Organic & Non-Toxic cleaning solution
- Can be used on the entire pet door
- Naturally restores flexible pet door flaps and frame
- Prevents most flaps from cracking, yellowing or warping over time
- The only recommended cleaner for all pet doors on the market